Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Margot, Queen of Tights

Things have been marching right along in the Jarrell house lately. We have busy weeks full of preschool, gym class, knitting class and trying to fit a conversation in edge wise. Margot is doing great, getting taller (and sassier!) by the minute. We are buying all of her clothes in the 4T size, and some of her pants are already too short for her long legs. I guess I shouldn't worry though, since this last month she has pretty much refused to wear pants. She wants to wear skirts and dresses ONLY, and every morning before she comes out of her room she takes off her pj's and puts on whatever skirt and shirt combo she can reach in the closet. Some mornings she pops in our room looking reasonable, and some mornings I look over to what I momentarily assume is a psychotic bag lady. I know she has to be freezing 98% of the time as she doesn't like wearing her coat or long sleeves, but I think we have finally gotten through to her that she HAS to wear tights on her legs when it is snowing outside. This last weekend we took advantage of the clearance rack and bought four new pairs on tights to match her skirts and dresses.

Any of you parents out there sharing the same affliction, may we recommend Target for tights?


The Clarks said...

That is way too adorable! I want to see pictures of some of her fashionable outfits! :)

carrie said...

That's so cute! I want to see some pictures too. :) I love when kids start choosing their own clothes - the creative side of their personalities definitely shows itself in a big way!