Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We FINALLY got a new computer! Oh, yeah, and Margot turned 3!

It has been over a month since my last post, and I am the first to admit I have done a crappy job posting lately. I know I vowed to do better after the great blog hiatus of 2007, but we have had extenuating circumstances (read: no home computer) for the last several weeks. Finally, we are back in business and I am ready to start posting like a crazy mo-fo!

June was a busy month this year. I traveled to California with my Mom and Aunt to attend the memorial service of my Grandmother. It was not necessarily a fun trip (and I am not a big fan of California or 100 degree weather) but I am very glad that I went. I had great fun connecting with my cousins and we did a lot of swimming, shopping and eating. How bad can that be? The worst thing about the trip is it fell on both Ben and Margot's birthdays. Just for future reference, if you want to feel like mother of the year, plan to be thousands of miles away on your child's birthday and then forget to buy them a special toy from your trip. You will feel AWESOME.

We did end up having a small, impromptu celebration for Margot, albeit a few weeks late. Daddy baked a chocolate cake and I cooked up a few burgers for family. It was a sweet little party, and Margot thouroghly enjoyed the attention:

Blowing out her candles:

Our baby is 3!

Enjoying that first bite:

Yummy cake

Catching a ride with a chocolate covered face:

Cake Face

I have to say, Ben hit a home run with that cake. He made this recipe, and I kid you not it was the best chocolate cake any of us has ever had. Try it sometime. You will not be disappointed! Just make sure you call us to come over first.

Margot has changed and grown so much in the last few months it just blows my mind. She is now 38 inches tall and weighs 33 pounds. The size 8 shoes I bought for her in May are now in the ever growing pile of "too small" clothes we carefully box away for the next baby. She has learned to recognize her name on paper, write most of the letters and repeat her full name and where she lives. She is becoming more independent every single day, which is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. She truly is a joy to parent and we still look at each other almost every day and wonder how we got so lucky to have this tiny human being in our lives.


Happy Belated Birthday, Margot!


Trisha said...

She is so freakin' cute! I can't belive how old and independent she is getting. I wish we were closer so we could hang out. Although we are considering a trip up that way this winter when our season is over at work . . . we'll see. But I want to hear more about this 'next baby' thing :)

carrie said...

Happy birthday, Margot!!! You are adorable! As always, I wish we could get our girls together. I'm sure they'd be great friends!

So yeah, I want to hear more about the next-baby thing, too... :)