Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Ben!

Happy Father's Day, Ben! This year marks your 4th anniversary of being a father! This means you now well versed in dealing with diapers, tantrums, messes of WMD proportions and keeping me off the deep end. Congratulations! None of those are easy tasks, yet you breeze through them everyday with a smile and a laugh.

Enjoying the Day

I realized this year while Margot and I were trying to pick out a card for you that you are not part of Hallmark's "Father mold". You don't grill, you don't golf and you don't spend hours mowing the lawn or watching sports. You are just as happy to sit and have tea with Margot as you are teaching her to ride a scooter. This is what makes you such a great Dad, and I thank God every day that our daughter is growing up with a man like you. A man that not only is teaching her to be strong and to be brave, but a man who teaches her how to love and that it is OK to show it.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

We didn't have the best day today, as Margot was feeling a bit under the weather and was a bit crabbier than normal. But I enjoyed the day just as well, as we were together as a family and I got to see her laugh in your arms. This is the best part of my day EVERY day, and something I know I can count on.

Nap Time

I love you more now than I did ten years ago when we first began this amazing journey together, and I know it is because I have watched you grow as a person and seen first hand what your soul is made of. Every time I look at our daughter, I am reminded of it:

Shall we go now, Mama?

Happy Father's Day. You are the best.


PS (From Ben)- Here's a little videoish thing from our morning. Enjoy!


Emily said...

I like the video! Very cool.

kalurah said...

Okay, Lauren. You are buying my next box of Kleenex!! ;)
How very sweet...and all true.
Ben IS a very good father and you are a very good mother. Thanks and appreciation for both parents should be given EVERY day! As I know it is between you two!
We love and miss ya guys!

Elizabeth said...

I'm all vaclempt over here!!!! I miss you guys SO MUCH!!! Happy Father's Day Ben!(belated) I hope all is well.