Friday, May 30, 2008

Bed Time

Whew! We've had quite the busy time lately. Between a graduation, wedding, and, well, life in general, there hasn't been much time for newsworthy developments. Until now.

A friend's post reminded me that we've been having our own sleep issues this week. Well, month, actually. A couple of weekends ago there was flurry of activity that resulted in tons of new pictures, a bunch of legal paperwork (figuratively and literally) and a general loss of sleep for one almost-three-year-old in particular. We've spent the intervening weeks slowly catching up on sleep just in time for a super late bedtime or a day too busy for a nap. Or, starting this week, new bedtime excitement.

Yes, Margot is now sleeping in a big-girl bed. She slept so well in a big girl bed in the hotel that we thought it was time for her own. So we attended a Memorial Day sale at our local mattress store and semi-accidentally got a killer deal on a bed. Then we picked up sheets and waterproofing supplies only to realize that we had no way to get the mattress home and the delivery fee would double the price.

But we eventually did get them home, set them up, and now Margot barely sleeps at all, thanks to the excitement of the big girl bed. Between very short naps and extremely early mornings, Margot's been a royal, well, pain. She's been switching between defiant, angry, devastated, ecstatic, and defiant for the past couple of days. But with the dark circles under her eyes, it's obviously because she's deliriously tired. Today she finally took a good nap, going down an hour earlier than normal.

Every time there's a change, it's easy to get excited. When we moved to our current place, it was exciting and worth staying awake. When she moved to her new circle room, she would wake up early and talk about the circles. The only difference this time is that she can come into mommy and daddy's room and throw stuff at us before dawn. Do they make cribs that fit twin size mattresses?


kalurah said...

We just graduated the boys to new beds, as well.
Bunk Beds!! They love them. We have them hooked together at the moment but depending on how many more times Zander falls off the ladder, we may need to pull them apart! :)

Trisha said...

Oh, just when you think "it will be easier when . . . " you get hit with a reality check that it never gets easier . . . only different. I'm glad to hear I have many sleep-related struggles yet to come :)

P.S. I LOVE the pictures. It reminded me of the weddings we attended together in Southern Oregon. We miss you guys!!!!