Thursday, February 14, 2008

Big Ben, Kids.... Parliament!

Today for Valentine's day, we spent the entire time together as a family. I took the day off, and we shared homemade cards and a few sweet treats. It was a great day and we decided at the last minute to go to dinner together.

The place we chose was at Jantzen beach, which isn't necessarily far away from here, but kind of tricky to get to. You have to go up into Washington and then come down the I5 bridge back to Oregon. Ben was driving and I had jotted down a few notes on directions, and we made it to the bridge without incident and began cruising toward Jantzen Beach Blvd. The merging gets a bit tricky at this intersection, and if you don't know what you are doing (like us) or aren't paying attention (like us) you will just circle around and get right back on I5.

So that's what we did, got right back on the bridge and crossed back into Washington. After a bit of circling around, we found our way back to the bridge and crossed AGAIN and tried to find our turn. As we were looking for the sign, it reminded me of the National Lampoon's movie and Chevy Chase yelling out "Look kids! Ben Ben, Parliament" over and over as they were trapped in the roundabout trying to get to a museum. I started laughing and got Margot to repeat "Ben Ben Mommy, Parliament" and we were laughing so hard we almost ended up crossing the bridge a third time in ten minutes.

We had a great dinner and a nice evening together. I hope you guys all had a good day with your most loved ones and remember to tell each other how important and valued they are.

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Trisha said...

That is so funny. Ry & I were in that same situation when we went to Monterey. We had our mapquest directions which said "turn right" and it ended up that the road automatically went right . . . needless to say we drove that same mile stretch about 5 times before we realized we were already headed in the right direction! I am glad you finally found your way!!!