Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pass the barf bag and neck brace, please

This has not been such a fun week.

I threw my neck out on Sunday evening, and took Monday-Wed off of work, sitting at home wishing for a quick death. Thanks to the modern inventions of Chiropracters and auto insurance, I am back to(almost)new and feeling much better. I am still struggling with healing from my second car accident, so it has been frustrating to face these setbacks. I am hoping this will be the last time I have anything major go on strike.

Yesterday, Margot didn't have such a good day either; she harfed all over Ben at K-Mart. I thought he did a good job though, because he managed to scream out "Blue light special on aisle 5!" as he ran out the door. I am not sure I would have had the wits to look for an employee before bolting out of the store. She ran a fever all day, and ended up throwing up a few more times before settling down to sleep. Lucky for us, she is all better today, and feeling up to a visit from Nana and Papa this weekend.

I have to mention this though, about Margot feeling under the weather yesterday. I was home with her, and she spent the entire time snuggled on my chest and wrapping her tiny arms around my neck. She would snooze a bit on my lap, then snuggle up and get her head right under my neck so I could rub her back and kiss her forehead. She spent every waking minute clamped on to me, and it was heaven. Although I HATE when she is sick, it is a rare minute to catch a 2 year old sitting in one place, let alone snuggled with their Mama. I could smell her hair, feel her breathe and just hold her. It really brought back some wonderful memories of her tiny, just the two of us sitting together with nothing else in the world to do.

Although there was a yucky feeling kiddo in the house, the best part of yesterday was Margot looking at me kind of sadly, asking for Daddy's lap, and then promptly barfing on him and leaping back to me. *Snicker*

Let's just say Daddy did a bit of laundry yesterday.

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Deb said...

I was glad to hear everyone is doing better!