Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Um, yeah...

I remember when we were concerned about Margot not talking. Lots of people told us that once she started talking we wished she'd never learned, but still, whenever I hear her talk in her sweet little voice, I fill with what could best be described as "warm fuzzies."

Unfortunately, she's not using her sweet little voice much right now. She shouts everything. All the time. Unless she's screaming it. But mostly, it's shouting. Often it's "COLOR WITH MEEEEE!" and sometimes it "NOW!" (followed by a reprimand from Mommy or Daddy about being bossy), but mostly she shouts: "HUH?!?!"

I get it. She's thirty-two months old. She doesn't pay attention very well. Sometimes we're talking when we're facing away from her and we're almost always talking a few feet above her. But I kind of think that maybe if she wasn't yelling everything all the time, maybe she could hear us a little better.

So we repeat ourselves a few time, try to get her to say, "Excuse me?" or at least, "What?" and ask her to not yell. But I assume this yelling thing is just going to have to yell itself out. Whoopee.

The one consolation in the cacophony is that it seems she's gotten Lauren's voice. My voice gets drowned out in an empty room, but when Lauren wants to get heard, she's heard. It's something I can only dream of, and I'm glad Margot will have that.

And I'm glad that someday, we'll hear her sweet little voice on a regular basis again.


kalurah said...

Little Margot is a beautiful, harmonious blend of her mama and her daddy.
This stage will pass and you probably won't even remember she did it.
Let me tell you, when she starts school......THAT is when she will blow your mind!!! :)

Kalurah's Mom said...

I agree with Kalurah. In fact Zoe speaks so softly that poor old Gramma and Papa have to constantly ask her to repeat herself until she gets quite annoyed with us.
Margot is such a cutie! As I'm sure your Mom tells you, enjoy them while they're young because before you know it, they're grown and gone, raising their own little cuties.