Friday, November 16, 2007


I am so exhausted right now; I just spent the last four hours standing in a stranger's home, watching fifteen detectives turn it upside down.

Lessons learned today:

If you have a filthy house, you are nasty.
If you are hiding evidence of your crimes in your children's bedrooms and piggy banks, you are nasty.
If you don't do your laundry at least once a month, you are nasty.
If your mattress looks like it has been through Chernobyl, it is times to replace it.

Ugh. I hope everyone had a better Friday than I did.


stacy said...

It is amazing how some people live isn't it. I use to see some pretty nasty stuff working home health.

Trisha said...

Your job is intense! And I thought dealing with angry customers was no fun . . .

Lauren said...

At least you don't feel the need to decontaminate after angry customers!!

Seriously though, it amazes me how some people are living their lives. So sad.