Thursday, November 01, 2007


You may have noticed to the right on my side bar that I have entered the NaBloPoMo contest this year. Basically, a group of bloggers had a "novel" idea and joined in to encourage everyone to post once a day (every day!) for the month of November. If you post every day, you win; and really, who doesn't like to win?

I can remember when Ben and I were first married, the month of November meant many things besides turkey and holidays. He has participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) every year, and he writes an ENTIRE novel in 30 days. He gets a t-shirt, a headache, and a stress induced panic attack every year for his effort. Since I already have a t-shirt, a headache and a stress related panic attack under my belt, I thought it would be a cinch to participate in National Blog Posting Month.

As the Dread Pirate Roberts once said: In the end, "We'll see who is right - and who is dead."

Wish me luck!


kalurah said...

I'm doing it too! are we insane???!!
(I love your Princess Bride quote!!)

Lisa Milton said...

Easy peasy - you'll make it happen. And I'll be here, reading.

Lauren said...

Awesome, Guys! I think that is the most exciting part....I can't wait to find new blogs to read!