Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Doctor is In

Man, I love Halloween. I don't necessarily love the idea of adults dressing up and getting drunk ass crazy, but I adore little cherubic faces dressed up as their favorite thing. Ben and I have had so much fun choosing Margot's costume the last three years, and I think this year we did well.

Introducing Dr. Margot Jarrell, MD.

The Doctor will see you now

You may notice that not only is she wearing scrubs, but she has an embroidered jacket that ties the whole look together. Amazing stitchery courtesy of Grandma:

The Doc is In

You may also notice she has an angry red welt on her forehead. This is courtesy of attempting to climb out of her crib and taking a header on the carpet. I guess we will be doing a bit of bed shopping soon, hmm??

I hope everyone had a fun, safe Halloween and I'll leave you with my favorite shot from the day. Such drama in that face!

General Hospital Moment


Deb said...

Dr. Margot Jarrell,

Brains, beauty, and bedside manner.

You are the complete package.

We love you and your beautiful pictures.

kalurah said...

that last pic is my FAVORITE.
SHE IS gorgeous!! :)

carrie said...

so so cute! she makes a great doctor (and she is beautiful!). :)

Trisha said...

what a cutie!!!