Friday, November 02, 2007

Nana & Papa's House

After the craptastical week we had at home, I was really feeling the need to recharge my batteries and get back on track. Thursday afternoon, I asked Ben if he would mind going to Athena this weekend. I had this overwhelming need to see my family - to get hugged by the people who love me no matter what and are always willing to take care of me. Even though a visit to my parents can be exhausting with Margot in tow, it always makes me feel better to see the house I grew up in, and see Margot hangin' out with her Nana and Papa. They do all the cooking, all the cleaning, are very generous to us and genuinely love having us visit. We are truly blessed to be part of family like this.

I am looking forward to a good visit and lots of new fun pictures!

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