Saturday, October 27, 2007

10 Things

I have been tagged by Kalurah to list ten weird, random things about myself. Since I love wasting time, I figure this is a perfect activity for me!

1. I have really weird thumbs. They are short, wide and have a windshield shaped nail. The rest of my fingers and toes are normal, so it's a guess how I ended up with these freaky thumbs. I have only met one other person who has the same thumbs, and she is also wonderful, so I am going to assume that these thumbs are a sign of unbelievable greatness.

2. My favorite sound in the world is metal measuring spoons clinking together. (Go buy some and try it; you won't think I'm so crazy)

3. I am one of those annoying people who is genuinely happy. Not that I am constantly beaming sunshine, but I am a "glass half full" person to the core. I think this comes from my Mom, who has never said a bad word about anyone or anything in her whole life.

4. I love to cook but do not like to bake. This is grounds for insanity in many circles, since baking is typically a bit easier than cooking. I will take on beef wellington before taking on peanut butter cookies any day.

5. I am ashamed of the fact that I sometimes sit on my ass and let my kid watch TV. Since I am around her such limited time during the week, I should be playing with her every chance I get.

6. I keep my fingernails extremely short. I am very bothered by my own nails once they get any grow out, especially if they get dirty. I also keep a nail brush handy and scrub my nails every day. Yuck. Dirty nails are icky.

7. I have ginourmous feet. Think along the lines of size 12, and wide. I have never really had any cute shoes, and I can't wear high heels. I chalk this up to the fact that I am very tall, and I would fall over if I had small feet, right? Right?

8. I have struggled with anxiety since having a child. I used to never think or care about dying, but now it can really be consuming to me. The thought of dying young and leaving my baby girl without a Mama is almost more than I can bear. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

9. I had an imaginary friend when I was little. Her name was Mackeytrolley. The hell? I am not sure how I will react if Margot takes on an imaginary friend. I know they are normal, but they still kind of freak me out.

10. I like the color pink more than any other rational human should. I would drive a pink car and live in a pink house if I could. When we win the lotto and Ben builds his lair, I am going to build a separate pink house just for me, complete with pink nail brushes, pink metal measuring spoons, a pink bed and a pink stove.

Alright - crazy has been aired! Now, to tag a few others I think should share their crazies:

Let's start with Deb, Gen, Carrie, Trisha, and Jason. Go forth and make me look sane!


kalurah said...

as for #8....I have this same issue, only it is opposite for me. I worry absolutely NON-STOP that Jason will kick the bucket and leave me all alone to raise three kids WITHOUT him! it is a morbid fear that haunts me every single time he goes somewhere without me. (grocery store, the shop in Milton, the "John") ;)
I sit and play out the scenario in my head. would I ever be able to cope? would I be able to remarry for the kids' sake? in my heart, NO, I can't see myself doing any of those things. so, he better stay alive!
BTW, I think it's sweet that you tagged your big bro! :)

Lauren said...

Does Jason worry about this too or are we just weirdo girls?

I tell you what though, Chuck has not helped the situation, but I think that this is normal for most parents. The thought of raising kiddos without both parents is just sickening to me. It is hard not to think about it non stop.

Thanks for admitting a little more "crazy"! I love you guys!


Is it bad that I worry way more about me dying than about dh (and his chances are probably alot higher.) The thought of leaving my babies without a mother is beyond comprehension...thus God will never allow that to happen (or at least thats how I reassure myself.)

carrie said...

Me too on #8, big time. If I let my mind go down that road too much - thinking about my sweet daughter having to grow up without a mama - I panic. The thought is just unspeakably horrible and terrifying to me and yet I think and worry about it WAAAAAY too often. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only "crazy" one. :)

Lauren said...

My gosh you guys.... I am so relieved to hear that I am not the only one!

I am not going to lie - I have actually lost sleep over this at times. I am better at dealing with it now, and have realized more than ever how important it is to take care of myself so I can be there for my family for as loooong as possible!

Thanks for the honesty!

Trisha said...

Man I miss you!!! You make me smile every time I read your blog. Thanks for being my ray of sunshi for the day :)