Friday, October 19, 2007

A Random Friday

In honor of the best day of the week, I thought I would lay down a few random musings that have been rolling around in my drug hazed head this week. We have had a few good things, a few great things and a few really craptastic things happen this week. In no particular order, here are the highlights:

Margot is going pee in the potty and made it several hours with dry panties on. This is HUGE, of course. It has been a long time coming, as she loves the act of sitting on the potty, but she couldn't connect the function to the act. We are now in business, folks. Phase one of potty training down! Now begins the real work!

McMennamin's has returned with sweet potato fries and Chipotle ketchup. If you do not know what category this fits in, we are no longer friends.

I totaled my car on Tuesday, thanks to some random jackass who doesn't think stop signs apply to him. For those keeping count, that is the second car in 5 months I have totaled. Both are not my fault, but nobody seems to care about that. Now, I am probably on some sort of international bad driver list. Gah. Seatbelt mixed with front impact equals aforementioned drug haze. I am fine, but very sore. I am not very happy with Portland drivers at the moment.

My car is dead

The Sopranos final DVD is out and on it's way to us from Netflix. (Insert Jersey accent here) Ohh! Fuhggetaboutit!

I did not have the strength or will to clean up after dinner last night, so Margot began her morning with a big swig of milk that had been sitting out all night.

The weather here has been super stormy, with plenty of wind and rain. The sky has been so amazing at dusk, and I have tried to capture it almost everyday. Last night was particularly amazing.

Night Sky

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am going to the ballet on Saturday with my Mother and Sister in law, and then Sunday we are taking Margot to the pumpkin patch. I have also acquired a copy of Photoshop, and I am really looking forward to taking tons of pictures.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Elizabeth said...

That totally sucks about the car! I am so glad you are okay, car accidents can be so terrifying! I think I am coming to Portland next month, we should do lunch or something! XOXO

kalurah said...

Yay Margot!!!!
have you tried the "Bear in the Big Blue House" dvd yet? Zachary STILL loves watching it and singing the potty songs. (bribery also works well) ;)
hope you're feeling a little better, Lauren.

carrie said...

I'm glad you're OK after your wreck! I can't believe you've had two cars be totaled in five months... that sucks!

Yay for Margot going on the potty!!! We're in about the same place -- a few months ago, Millie decided she wanted undies and went three days without an accident, but then totally reverted when I went to work. Now some hours are diapers and some are undies. Can you believe our girls are old enough to be potty training???

hiccupp said...

oh what a week! hopefully the weekend treated you better! :)

I had to mention...this sweet potato fries and chipotle ketchup? If there was such a thing locally, I'd die. :)

And that picture is amazing! Love skies like that!

Deb said...

Let's do McMennamins for lunch. Just a few ground rules:

1. No kids. Because potty training requires 298 trips to the bathroom.

2. We will have to meet there. Two accidents in five months, need I say more?

3. Bring your wonderful new camera, it is the BOMB.

4. Nix Rule #1 so I can "borrow" your new camera while you are distracted with all of the flushing!

Hang in there my friend, it will get better I promise.

Lauren said...

Deb, you are so funny! Is it any wonder why I love you so much!

And Liz, I know you can relate the the "no fault" accident problem! It sucks so much when forces you can't control throw such a big wrench at your life!

And I am so glad to hear the encouragement about potty training, you guys! I am going to check out that DVD!


One more accident that isnt your fault and Im going to start calling you Laura (she finally got a new car...yay for me!) Serioulsy though sorry about your vehicle..and neck, back, etc. I bet with all that pain its hard to hold the camera..maybe you should mail it to me ;p

stacy said...

OMG Lauren I am glad you are ok! We love ya girlie.... Yay Margot. Isn't it wonderful when that finally happens!

kalurah said...

hey, woman! I just heard you were at the coast with grandma so I don't know when you'll be back to blogging.
but I have tagged you! I guess I'll call it a drive-by tagging!
I am evil, I know! but I still love you.