Monday, March 12, 2007

A run in the park

Yesterday we went out to the park by our house to run around a bit while the rain was away. I love taking Margot outside, because she freaks out and runs from toy to toy, only pausing for a moment at each to touch the pieces. She would swing for approximately 5.6 seconds, then go down the slide, then swing again for 4.3 seconds, etc. It is kind of funny watching her little head decide what she should do next, and the way she runs in hilarious. So hilarious, I may have taken a little video:

(Um, I have no idea how to post video to this. Will get husband on this project right away.)

After the swinging and the sliding, Margot was running around by the trees while Ben and I played a little catch. All of the sudden, these really *wonderful* responsible parents with seventeen kids and a huge dog with no leash descended on the park. Before I could even mutter a cuss word (which is pretty f***ing fast) this crazy ass dog was sprinting toward my sitting duck of a toddler. Since Margot is toy size for this dog, I was envisioning something like Nintendo "Duck Hunt" happening before my very eyes. It was now my turn to sprint. I took off after my baby like nobody's business. I beat that damn dog there, swooped Margot up and endured about two minutes of jumps, snips and licks from this freaking dog while it's *wonderful* owners yelled "Benneton, get down! Benneton, don't lick!" How about "Benneton, where is your freaking leash?" or "Benneton, why do have such a retarded name?"


auntekalurah said...

Benneton? was this dog wearing a polo shirt and carrying a tennis racket, too?!
I can't stand it when people bring their dogs to the park un-leashed. I'm sorry, but, "I don't know your dog. you can't trust a dog you don't know." especially, around small children. why weren't one of those seventeen kids of their's walking it?

Ben said...

That is my question too!

They have dog parks where your pet can go without a leash. But in a small public park with lots of little kids, I think it is very irresponsible to have your dog out without a leash.

Elizabeth said...

OMG!!! I almost got eaten by a pitbull when I was little for that very same reason.
Stupid people+dogs=stupid dogs. I love, love, love dogs but you have to be extremely responsible and sensitive to other people to have one. Love you guys!

Sara and Jonas said...

Random dogs running around...ready to strike at any moment...that's scary stuff! We're glad to hear that Margot is OK. We HATE people who don't keep their dogs on leashes. Especially if they know that they are jumpy, nippy, etc....and it sounds like "Benne-bitch" was.