Friday, March 09, 2007

Teriyaki Chicken Girl

Margot is a decent eater, for the most part. She likes beans, veggies, fruits, even *gasp* cookies every now and then! Lately she has been obsessed with Goldfish crackers, and has a permanent bruise on her elbow from enthusiastically requesting CRACKERS! with every meal.

The one thing she will not eat is meat. No fish, no chicken - Nada. We have tried just about all kinds of meat prepared in all different methods, and nothing seems to pique her interest. We don't stress about it, and toddlers are weird (we know this) but I do wonder why she won't eat meat. Texture? Flavor? I really have no idea. I guess since it isn't encrusted in goldfish, this means she will not even consider it. But today, when Ben and I met at the Bon Teriyaki for lunch, the weirdest thing happened: Margot started picking up bits of chicken from my plate and eating them. Actually eating them, as in chewing and swallowing the chicken.

So, is the key to a toddler diet drowning everything in sweet sauce?? I think I may be on to something here.

Does anyone know where I can find Teriyaki flavored toothpaste?


auntekalurah said...

that's hilarious! the only meat miss Zoe will touch is chicken. And it has to be accompanied by sweet 'n sour, for her to be remotely interested.
hey, I have a suggestion...try coating chicken tenders in crushed up goldfish crackers (aka Panko) and pan fry 'till golden. let her dip them in low-sodium soysauce(a better choice then sugary tempura). ;)tee,hee! I better not find out later that you ACTUALLY tried this!

kalurah said...

OMG, check this out!....Goldfish Cracker Meatloaf recipe

Ben said...

Ha! That is nasty!