Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fire in the hole

Allow me to set a scene:

This morning, Mama in the kitchen making breakfast.
Dad, in the living room reading.
Margot, sitting in the dining room watching Mama cook.

Sounds harmless, no? So this is the part where I accidentally catch a kitchen towel on fire taking bread out of the oven. Not a huge fire, mind you, but one corner of the towel is flaming.

At this point, did Mama

A) Calmly put fire out.
B) Call for Dad to put the fire out.
C) Freak out, throw the flaming towel out of the kitchen, and right toward my child?

If you guessed "C", you now know that I am a complete idiot, and almost caught my kid on fire. This re-affirms what I have said many, many times in the last 15 months - thank GOD they do not remember any of this crap when they are older, because therapy is expensive.

Now before you call CSD, Ben (0f course) calmly put the fire out and comforted both of his screaming ladies. No one was burned, or even close to burned, but a lesson was learned. Apparently my mothering instincts are more on the "save yourself" side than "save the baby" side. Something to work on, I guess.

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sonny and stacy said...

I love reading your blog! I am glad to know that you and Margot and Ben all survived.