Thursday, October 05, 2006

A photo essay of Miss Margot

Margot, enjoying the outdoors

Lovin the Park

Margot, looking saucy

Hola, Papa!

Margot, acting silly

Bunny Hat

And, Margot being adorable

Cute Girl

Finally, Margot ridin' the rails

Riding the Rails

Don't forget to check out the More Pics link to the right on her blog and check out how much our little Angel is growing!


Gen said...

I just looked at all the pics...she is so stinkin cute! What a big girl she's getting to be

Deb said...

Margot riding the rails is ridiculously adorable! She is totally a cutie and I love that she is looking out the window and ignoring the camera. If ANYTHING makes her look eighteen months old it is her skill and experience riding public transportation, not her pigtails!!!

Granny said...

I love Margot ridin' the rails!

carrie said...

I love the "Margot Being Adorable" picture. She is so beautiful!!