Saturday, September 23, 2006

Really? Babies are afraid of Fighter Jets??

Super, super fun weekend spent at the Pendleton Round Up. Margot looked adorable, and was the best baby the entire time. She actually enjoyed the rodeo, watching contentedly from my knee and waving at every horse that entered the arena. She even napped in between a few events, making our entire experience a breeze.

However, here is a news flash for all of you new parents out there:

When fighter jets fly over an open arena, they are loud. Kids are VERY AFRAID of loud noises - like will scream at the top of their lungs and cling tight to you as if they are hanging from the tallest cliff in hell, lava flowing below. You will then as this point feel like a total jerk for exposing them to this hell, and spill your beer on the person in front of you trying to comfort them. Pictures on the way later!

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sonny and stacy said...

oh honey wait until fireworks! It seems the first few years it scares them unless you use ear plugs. Of course being the wonderful mother I am I always forgot them!