Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Musical Teeth

I know it seems that all I talk about is teeth, but it is a major issue. Margot's mouth hurts. It hurts so bad lately that she occasionally starts sobbing and grabbing at her mouth and chewing on her fingers. It feels terrible because there's not much more we can do than just hold her and tell ourselves she won't remember it. The fact that she can't understand why she feels so poorly is not comforting to us either.
She can't spend 24 hours a day on painkillers, so it's distraction station around here. TV still holds little interest to her, unless there's music playing. Her favorite is the Golden Girls theme, and it's adorable how she lights up when it plays. The other big inside distraction is music.
So far Raffi is the favorite, though there's this other guy I've only recently heard of called Mr. Ray who is passable at distracting her. It's hard to know what music to get, since it needs to be something simple enough for her to enjoy, but not annoying so we can bear to hear it over and over again. Unfortunately, the last requirement leaves out, as far as I can tell, about 96% of childrens' music.
From what I can tell we like music sung by real people, not gimmicks (Barney, The Wiggles, etc.), and real instruments rather than hokey synth stuff. And no Kidz Bop. That's just creepy. I know people swear by this stuff, but so far I'm still sane enough to not mind the occasional screams of boredom on the way home from the store.
Anyway, for those of you keeping score at home, it looks like two more teeth are erupting on the flanks of her top front tooth, bringing the front teeth to five. And we discovered a nice bright white molar halfway out of her gums last week. We thought those came in later, but now we know why she's been extra super cranky, poor thing.


carrie said...

I wrote just yesterday about Millie going through the exact same thing... our poor girls! Give Margot a big hug from Millie. :)

Lauren said...

Ok, what is going on here? I am Margot's mother and I have no idea what Kidz Bop is....