Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Let 'er Buck, Baby

This friday as a family we will be embarking east, toward the land of cowboy hats and Wranglers for the Pendleton Round-Up. This has Ben very excited, and he is all outfitted from head to toe with "western wear" that could rival John Wayne. (Ok, maybe not John Wayne, but George Strait maybe. Yeah, definitely George Strait.) What really matters is that we will be Yee Haww'ing and drinking Coors right along with all the other rednecks for an entire weekend. To make sure that the little lady fits in, we bought Margot hot pink cowboy boots and baby Wrangler jeans. She looks ADORABLE wearing those boots, I must admit. We will be posting plenty of pictures upon our return to city life. Hopefully she will learn to walk in those boots between now and Saturday so she can grab some treats for Mama at the Westward Ho! Parade.

So, wish us luck and give us a "Howdy Partner" as we head out. Let 'er Buck!

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Gen said...

Great minds think alike...Ava has hot pink cowboy boots as well. Hope your little cowgirl had a fun weekend :)