Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Say what?

Margot said her first word a few days ago.

I know all of you with money in the f*#k pool will be disappointed, but it was not a cuss word.

Her first word? Bananna.

That's right, Bananna. Beautiful yellow, multi-syllable, healthy snack - the list goes on. And *not* a cuss word.

I was feeding her one, and she looked right at me and said bananna. She said it again after Ben put a picture of one on the computer screen.

Pure Genius, that girl is.



Deb said...

What a sweet little girl! Cherish the memory!

eddmiller1516356571 said...
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carrie said...

Hooray for Margot's first word!!! And how completely adorable that "banana" was the one. I wish I could hear her say it!