Saturday, August 12, 2006

Park it!

The weather here has been amazing the last few weeks. Nice and cloudy in the morning, with a perfect amount of sunshine peaking thru in the afternoon. This eternal 78 degrees has gotten us out and about to city parks more in the last few days than the entire time we lived in Medford.

Well, perfect weather has converged with Margot's love of the outdoor walking. Something about getting that kid on the grass just equals magic. She LOVES to run around on, explore and touch everything outside. I love watching her absoring all of her surroundings. Every dog that barks, she waves. Every flower that blooms, she stops and smells. It is an awesome responsibility to shape the mind and spirit of another human being. I can only hope that Ben and I are able to keep up with her and give her the life and love she deserves.

Home is fun

We are so proud of you, Margot!

Up in the sky!

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Casey said...

She is just beautiful!!! Surely fits in our family!