Friday, August 11, 2006

Just Beachy

Our new house is about three minutes from the Columbia river, and a great sandy beach. The water is pretty warm, pretty clean, and lots of fun to walk in. We took Margot there earlier this week and let her walk in the sand. She wasted no time trying to eat and handful of river gravel:

I'm going to eat some sand

Once she figured out the gravel was not tasty, she had so much fun walking with Dad and exploring.

Strolling Down the River's Edge

The highlight of our trip was when Margot found a mussell, and proceeded to put the entire thing in her mouth. (Note: NO photos were taken of this event because I was busy freaking out that she had just contracted E. Coli or some other hideous, deadly disease. Then, no pictures were taken following the mussell incident because I was busy sulking after Ben laughed and said I was "crazy". Hmmph.)

Next time, I'm hoping for less drama.

Hey! I love the beach!


Deb said...

What a gorgeous girl!!! I just wanted to make sure I understood you, you are the mother of a beautiful little girl hoping for less drama in the future? Good luck with that. Love ya, even though I think you may have lost your mind!

Casey said...

OMG Lauren I am laughing over the mussell and the less drama. As a mom to 4 girls it only gets worse!!

Love ya and hope to see you next month!