Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Good, the Bad, and the Adorable

It's been an eventful month since the last post. Most notably, Margot has gotten sick once again. By now we know the routine, so this time, of course, it changes. It started with a hacking, smoker's cough the day after Thanksgiving and climaxed with a trip to the ER the following Sunday. There she was diagnosed with pneumonia and given antibiotics, though her pediatrician overturned that diagnosis with an ear infection.

Everything seemed to be going fine until the following Saturday when she was breathing weird. The doctor found that he breathing was fine, if phlegmy, but her ear infection wasn't getting better. So it was a switch from good old Amoxicillin to Augmentin. Since then she's been improving: sleeping better through the night, less fussy, and not as congested.

Through all this, Margot has been getting bigger. She's almost seventeen pounds as of last Saturday and she's starting to six to nine month clothing. She's also decided not to sleep as much anymore, though she still likes ten to twelve hours at night. And she's started rice cereal, which she loves to eat

Most exciting of all is her new skill: sitting. She's not quite at the point where she can get into a sitting position by herself, but she can sit on her own when placed in the position and loves to play when she's sitting. She's more fun and cute than ever, and now that she sits, more convenient , too.

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