Saturday, December 10, 2005

Merry Christmas, Cookie!

We have a long standing tradition here at the Jarrell house during the holiday season - Christmas Cookies. These are hand rolled, decorated and passed around town to our friends in large numbers. I have actually received threats from people in the past when the cookies ran low. Credible, bodily injury threats. But anyways, this year we made our first batch and tried to involve Margot as best we could. Unfortunately, she can't eat the cookies and everything we decorate with is a choking hazard, so she didn't get much input. But it was fun to have her sitting in her high chair, drool running down her chin, watching us decorate and trying to eat a plastic measuring cup. Next year, I'm sure she will enjoy patting out dough and slinging frosting. Between now and then, I will try to cook up a strategy to keep Ben from eating all the cookies at one sitting and giving himself a crazy sugar high.

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