Saturday, November 01, 2008

Like, Happy Halloween Man, Like, Totally

Oh yeah baby, that's right...... November 1st today. And guess what that means? NaBloPoMo is upon us, and I have to think up a post every day this month to write about! Last year I made it with only a few bs entries, and this year I am committed to try and write about something people will care about (or at least I will care about) every day. Let's start with a bang, shall we?

So last night we took Margot trick or treating for the first time. Her costume was lovingly hand made by Grandma:

The Littlest Hippie

Any guesses??

Like Wow, Man

Margot was a great hippie, with the long flat hair down to her waist and peace sign permanently posed on her little fingers


Unfortunately, the weather was kind of crappy yesterday and I had almost zero light to take these photos, so they kind of suck but you guys can get the idea

I'm walking away, man...

My favorite part was the belt, which she was loving and kept sticking her hip out at people to show them the belt. It was very sparkly and really made the costume. We went into Bales for a few treats before heading back to Grandma's house, and Margot said "Trick or Treat!" to the checker, who gave her a chocolate bat. She promptly held up her peace sign and said "Peace out, Man!" and we all just about fell over laughing! She had a great time, was very polite and got a large haul of candy. After Daddy and I went through and checked the candy for "poison" (I found an Almond Joy that was suspicious.... Ben used his keen skills to identify a potentially dangerous Kit Kat) we pretty much let her unleash on the candy. She had about five pieces and was in heaven. We stayed up late with Grandma, Nick, Kayla, Mike and Jan and had a great night.


I hope everyone had a safe, happy Halloween and Happy November!!!

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The Clarks said...

Yay! I am so happy to hear that we will get to hear from you every day this month . . . but I remember that it lead to a huge drought the months following so don't let that happen again!

I am so brain dead tonight, I was wondering how you could tell that the candy was 'suspicious' . . . but by the end of the post I caught on :)