Sunday, November 02, 2008

Five Things I HATE about DST

Oh Daylight savings time how do I hate thee...

1. Having a child who barely sleeps until 6:30 on a really GOOD day means I now have a child who can barely stay in bed past 5am for a week until things get settled.

2. It is pitch black outside when I get off work at 5pm. I feel so trapped by my job in these long months.

3. My car has the most difficult clock in the history of clocks to set. It took me almost a year and a call to the Honda dealership to figure it out.

4. Along the same lines as number 3 - we have a lot of clocks in our house, and none of them change themselves. I hate having to take everything off the wall, move it an hour and then try and get it re-centered on the wall.

5. See number 1.

Anything to add, loyal readers?? Am I the only one who things daylight savings time should just die already?



I always hate the time change because Ava is an early riser also. But she's getting to where I can tell her that its too early and go play quietly for awhile. Which is all good till she wakes Ben and then theyre both awake. I hate those people who's kids sleep till like 10. So not fair.

The Clarks said...

I second that thought and for all the reasons mentioned . . .it is just no fun to have it dark at 5pm!

I don't know if you have tried or heard of the good-nite-light but I read about it in a parenting magazine and thought it sounded pretty great. Basically you put the timer on and let you kids know that when the moon is glowing they have to stay in bed because it is night, and when the sun glows they can get out of bed. Whether they actually do it is another story, but it might be something to try . . . :)

Deb said...

Move to Muncie, Indiana. No DST. Seriously. It was the best four years of my life (and I am sure it had nothing to do with the boys and the booze and did I mention the boys?) Go Ball State!

Lauren said...

Dude Trisha, that is an awesome idea! I have never heard of it, but I will be checking it out!

Deb, you are so funny - I miss you so much!

Anonymous said...

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