Thursday, October 02, 2008

Herard around the house, Part 9

Margot: "Mommy, I love costumes! I love them!"

Me: No answer, as I have a mouthful of dinner.

Margot: "Mommy, I LOVE costumes!" (Followed by a light slap on my arm)

Me: "Margot, did you just hit me?"

Margot: "No Mom."

Me: "Are you lying to me now? Why did you hit me?"

Margot: "I didn't hit you, I slapped you!"

Ben: "She's got you there, Lauren."

Me: No answer. Back to dinner as I am obviously being ganged up on.


Emily said...

She's a smartypants that one.

The Clarks said...

gee, I wonder where she gets that from? :)

Ben said...

No kidding, huh Trisha?? :)

Larry said...

Hehehe... smart girl. :)

The new picture at the top of the blog is absolutely gorgeous!!

carrie said...

oops... that was actually Carrie :)

Sara and Jonas said...

Totally the new photo. She looks so grown up!