Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, September 15th, to be exact, Margot started preschool. I hear stories parents who cried their eyes out when their kids start school, but I think that's usually kindergarten. The only tears that first day were from the kids.

Margot talked a lot about looking forward to school, and after the orientation on the 8th, she really seemed into it. We spent a lot of time over the week playing school, with the teacher (Margot) standing at the front of the class while the students (me and stuffed animals) sat and listened. The most useful thing I learned is that ice cream is yummy. Who knew?

When the first actual day of preschool came, Margot seemed excited.

First day of school (pre)

We got dressed and arrived way early for school, just like all the other kids. But when the time came to go inside the classroom and find her name on the board, she got very nervous. I carried her into class and found her name for her, and then we played with a puzzle for quite some time before I finally left. Thankfully, a lot of the other parents were lingering as well, which made me feel better.

We both went in to pick Margot up two hours later. She was happy then, completely over her nervousness. She had the art she made that day (stamps) and told us that she forgot everything they did that day, except for stamps.

She's continued to be nervous every day before class, though it's getting better. She goes to the kids room happily at the gym and Ikea, but for some reason there's a problem with preschool. I think maybe it's because it's school, which is such a major thing in a kid's life. I've asked her, but she dodges the question, which she's very good at. A certain vice-presidential candidate could learn a thing or two from her.

But I think the weirdest thing about preschool is that for about an hour and half, I have nothing to do. It's a little too long to sit in the lobby of the the community center with the dozing seniors but too short to go home and take a nap. So I've been doing stuff like going home and baking something or going to the doctor. I'm sure I get a routine down soon.

So that's pretty much preschool. The only unknown left there what to take when it's our day for snacks. It has to be prepackaged, which is kind of lame. But there are no allergies in the class, which is handy. Any suggestions?


The Clarks said...

How exciting! She looks SOOO big in her pictures. I can't believe you guys have a kid old enough to be in pre-school!

Emily said...

You should sleep in the car! That sucks it has to be packaged food. Something from Trader Joe's maybe?

Lauren said...

Ha! I said the same thing about sleeping in the car.

We are thinking raisins or something like that..... that is our best idea right now!