Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reason 8,256,346 I neglected this blog last month

We decided that it was time to move Margot from her tiny nursery room to a big girl room across the hall. We chose the smaller room at first because it shared a wall with our room and we needed to hear her, and wanted her to be close. Now that she thinks it is funny to kick the wall and knock and sing out "HI MOMMY" first thing in the morning, it was high time to put her across the house :)

I can remember always wanting a fun, brightly painted room when I was little, and I never got it. Between having to share with a brother and a Dad who only saw the color white, I never got my pink and purple unicorn room. Ben and I both decided that we would give our kids what ever color room they wanted - but since Margot is still a little young to have a preference, we sorta went a little nutso for her.

Designer Ben

Ben chose a very bright, sunny sky blue and a bright white for the pallet. He painted one wall and the closet white, then the other three walls blue. All around the room in circles is the opposite color, making a whimsical pattern of meshed sky and clouds:

More new room

This was all Ben's vision, and I think he did an amazing job. It was kind of a long paint job and he did it all by hand, but it is so worth it. Here is another view of the walls:

Isn't this a cool blue?

I will take a few more pictures tonight, because we bought a few new cool accessories for her room and a new toy storage system. She has so much more room to play, and her face lights up every time she goes in the room. She loves to touch the walls, and exclaim "Daddy did circles, Mommy!! Ciiiiiirrrrcles! I wuv it so much!"

How can you not feel good about that??


Elizabeth said...

I wuv it too!!! Super cute!

kalurah said...

Wow, Ben!
Great job!
I can't wait to see the room finished!

carrie said...

OMG, that's soooo cute! You're a lucky girl, Margot! :)

Lauren said...

I am so glad you guys like it! I love it too... and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

It was fun to do!

Trisha said...

Ben ~ how did you do the circles? They look perfect!

Lauren said...

He cut a template out of cardboard and just used a lot of patience!

It took about four days to complete the painting and a few small brushes.

He did such a good job!!

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