Thursday, January 31, 2008

As Promised.... The complete new room!

Here are a few shots of Margot's new room, all put together. We really didn't spend that much to get her squared away - the paint was by far the most expensive thing.

The completed Room

We bought the toy bin organizer thingie from Target, where it was on clearance for $29.99. I was inspired by my dear friend Deb, because her delightful son has one similar to this in his room. Margot loves it because she can reach and find all of her toys, but it is easy to pick up at night before bedtime. Here is a close up of the fun:

Toy organizer

By far, my favorite new thing in her room is this light we found at Ikea. Again, on clearance, we forked out a whopping $9 for the light. I can remember when I was younger, these fiber optic lights were like $100 or something ridiculous. Now, thanks to a bunch of freaky Swedes, everyone can have one:

Coolest lamp ever

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Trisha said...

Her room looks awesome ~ good job on the painting. We are in the middle of painting right now I wish it would look even half that good!