Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where's your coat?

It has been freezing cold here the last few days with lots of rain and wind. Margot will stand at the door, say "cold, Mommy! Cold!" but she pretty much refuses to put a coat on. When we can wrestle a coat on her, it makes it to the car, where she will demand that it be removed before getting strapped in her car seat.

I heard the advice "pick your battles" more than once, so many days we walk around without a coat on. I kinda feel like a bad mom watching my tiny daughter walking around in the freezing cold with no coat on, but she seems to be fine.

At least she has shoes on, right?


Trisha said...

I agree . . . sometimes it just isn't worth the battle. Even at 3 months there are some things that Elise seems to be passionate about doing (or not doing) and some days I just really don't want to fight her on it. As long as Margot isn't running around outside in her swimming suit I say she should be fine :)

kalurah said...

you could try taking her to, say, Target, and letting her pick out (all by herself) a special coat, Hello Kitty, Dora, etc. and make a big huge deal over her SPECIAL magic coat that will protect her against the evil frost queen every time you are getting ready to go out somewhere.
just a thought. stuff like this seemed to work well with Zoe when she was smaller. :)
miss you guys!
big kiss to Mags.

Kalurah's Mom said...

My niece's little girl was about 4 when her mommy took her coat shopping, because she too never felt the need to wear a coat. Finally, they found one she liked so when my niece asked if they should buy it, her daughter replied, "No, I don't believe I'd wear it." Kids! Hope your shopping trip goes better than hers did. Kalurah's suggestion sounds like it might just work.