Friday, November 30, 2007

NaBlo Success!

Well, I did it! I "won" NaBloPoMo; I was able to post something ridiculous, arbitrary and useless for each day this month! Let the prizes roll in!

Ben also finished NoNoWriMo, which is quite a feat with a toddler underfoot. We are going to celebrate our victories by not touching the computer for a few days.

I will get pack to posting again (about Margot!) after a while. I think I am going to take a small break and get good fodder before hitting the blog again.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Trisha said...

Don't leave us for too long ~ I have become addicted to reading your blog each day :) Enjoy the time off!

carrie said...

Congratulations - to you AND Ben! :) I've totally enjoyed reading your blog every day - it's been a lot of fun. :)

Deb said...

What an accomplishment for you both! I have enjoyed your posts and I will miss the frequency, but you must live life to be able to write about it!