Friday, November 09, 2007

Give Him Back!

An open letter to the neighbor across the street:

Dear Cat Lady,

We have lived here over a year as a family of four. We have taken care of ourselves just fine, and made sure that everyone was loved, comfortable and fed. We take responsibility for all members of our family, no matter what the consequences.

We ignored you when we would see Dude in your arms. We ignored the signs you left on our door and the knocking at naptime to "bring him back", faux-upset that he was on your property. We even ignored the wet food you would set out for him to lure him over. But it has now been over four days since we have seen Dude, and we know that you have him. I don't know if you are keeping him in your house, or caged up somehow, but we want our cat back. All of these ridiculous games you have been playing with our pet are not "cute" or "funny" anymore. Theft of a domestic animal is a crime. More than that, stealing someones pet is just downright cruel.

Petting Dude

We miss Dude. He was the very first purchase Ben and I made when we bought our first home together. He was our first "baby" together. Yes, I hate the fur he leaves on the couch. And I hate that sometimes when Margot gets too rough he will swipe at her. But he belongs to us- to this family. And we want him back.

Lounging With Dude

Bring our cat back. Get your own cat. You have now angered me, because my husband is sad. My daughter is looking for her kitty. Bring our cat back.

Oh, it's Dude!

One more thing, Cat Lady - don't think I am not going to come looking for our pet, because I am. You have poked the Mama Cat; and I have my claws out.


Elizabeth said...

That is just plain F'ed up! With all the homeless kitties in the world, cat lady should just adopt one for herself and NOT STEAL from the lovely family next door! Just ridiculous! She has no idea who she is messing with, I'll come back you up! Miss you!

Lauren said...

Good, I could probably use back up! This woman is older than dirt, bent over to about 3 feet tall and honestly crazy. For real. CRAZY


Seriously, go over there right now, knock on her door, and ask if she's seen your cat. Maybe call out "Dude!" when the door opens so he knows to try and make a run for it. I had a little girl across the street from me steal my cat when I was about 4 and Im still mad about it. Dudes a great cat!

Trisha said...

I can't believe that ~ I would be furious! What next, your daughter? If you want back-up just give me her phone number and I will call her at all hours of the night until she returns your family member!

carrie said...

I'm so sorry that Dude is missing! If Cat Lady has him, she'd better be prepared for the consequences... :)

In terms of hopeful missing-cat stories: Ziggy, one of ours, went missing for a full month once, and then showed back up at our house one day with a collar! He has roamed for 3-4 weeks a few more times since then, and has always come back just fine (though we always worry).

Hopefully Dude is back soon!

stacy said...

I would be mad too! I hope you get him back soon!