Monday, November 26, 2007

Five Things I love about Margot and Ben

1. They both have this quiet calmness about them. I am often the one who flies off the handle at nothing, but the both of them are just so very zen compared to me.

2. They both love to play hard. I am not really the throw-the-baby roughhouse type, but the both of them can't get enough. I am so happy that Margot likes that kind of entertainment and that Ben is willing to oblige.

3. They both tell me how much they love me every day :)

4. They both like to eat my cooking. This makes me feel like a very accomplished mother and wife.

5. Those eyes -

My Babies

I am so lucky to have the two of them to share my life with everyday!


Mama C-ta said...

That's so very sweet and a great shot at the end there. Sloth can hardly choke down my cooking, I can't blame him. And yes, that makes me feel very much like a failure!

Jenna said...

Hey Girl! It's your old Neighbor from Oregon, you know, the one who moved to HELL..AKA South Carolina?..I have been reading your blog here off and on, and your lil girl is beautiful!!!
I have an email I use more than my google, it's, and I also have a Live Journal..don't know if you have one..shoot me an email!!! miss ya!