Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Dinner

Tonight for dinner, I made this:

Stuffed Zuchs

It is Stuffed Zucchini, and we all loved it. I found the recipe here, but did not follow it to the letter. We don't drink white wine, so I substituted white wine vinegar and a few tablespoons of woster sauce for that. I also thought a few tablespoons of tomato paste would be more flavorful than regular chopped tomatoes. Overall, the recipe is easy and very good. It is low carb, and could easily be made vegetarian by substituting brown rice or tofu for the turkey. We will be making it again since Zucchini are in season around here.

The only part of the recipe that was tricky was hollowing out the raw Zucchini. I tried a few things before I settled on this:

Kitchen Tool

It is a strawberry huller that my Mom bought from Pampered Chef. It worked like a champ! We rounded out dinner with a green salad and fresh apricots for dessert. Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


kalurah said...

that looks so yummy!
I absolutely LOVE that your "tool of the trade" is right next to your laptop!!
two tools you can never be without! ;)

Lauren said...

Tell me about it!

I love modern cooking!!