Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let's Talk!

Yesterday was Margot's speech therapy appointment. The session went very well, and both Ben and I were very impressed with her Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). The lady was very nice, unassuming and non-threatening. Margot did not seem anxious or afraid, which I was worried about.

Her appointment was basically free play time, while the SLP asked us questions about Margot and her current speech. She was able to identify a few issues right away; Margot is not able to hide her tongue behind her teeth, which restricts her use of "T", "W", and "R". We had always just thought it was funny the way she would raspberry at the bubble wand instead of actually blowing, but the SLP was able to watch her and identify that issue. Margot has also been slowed by her signing, and though this was difficult to hear, I do not regret our choice to teach her ASL. Her signing ability has allowed us to communicate with in a very special way since she was very small. I think this is also something she will carry with her forever, and some day she may even choose to explore the language more. It is a lovely language and we have all enjoyed as a family learning together.

Now, the work begins. We will be following the SLP's direction and suggestions, and working a few exercises with Margot. I was so glad to see that we have chosen someone who is proactive and feels the same way about her speech delay that we do. I expect in the next few months that we may have an explosion of words at la casa de Jarrell and I can't wait to hear that sweet, sweet voice tell me a story.

Thank you so much for all of the kind encouragement and advice!


carrie said...

Oh, I'm SO glad to hear that her appointment went well!! You sound really relieved. I'm excited that you found such a great SLP and I can't wait until Margot is chattering away! Keep us all posted, of course. :) You guys are awesome!

kalurah said...

this post reminded me of what Zoe used to say about Zander before he talked.
she would watch him sit there and coo and blow spit bubbles and sigh and say, "I wonder what Zander's voice will sound like?"
I would just melt all over and get covered with goosebumps when she said that.
I am right now, too!
we love you guys!
hope everything goes swimmingly over the next few (chatty) months.