Friday, June 01, 2007

Well, Call the Police. Again.

Where to start.....

We have had a very busy, very crappy week. For being such a short week, you would think that the bad luck would run out faster, but this does not seem to be the case. We had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, staying over in Albany with our dearest friends and attending a great bar-b-que with my work friends. The weather was nice, Margot was an angel all weekend and we just really enjoyed ourselves.

Enter Tuesday.

SO, Ben had a meeting all morning. I told him I was going to take Margot downtown to see Aunt Missy and maybe share a cinnamon crown at the bakery. My last words were "Do you have your cell phone, honey? I will only call if it is an emergency! Ha!"

9:24 am.... Lauren and Margot get T-boned by another driver who runs their stop sign, a mere block from the bakery. Camry car is now dead. Lauren is hysterical.

9:26 am.... Lauren calls the police. (Refer to title, line one)

9:27 am.... Lauren calls Aunt Missy and spits out something like "I need you, look out the window and GET HERE NOW!"

9:28am.... More hysteria from Lauren, who has now worked Margot into hysteria.

9:30am.... Oh SHIT... have to call husband and tell him I crashed car with our darling baby inside.

9:30am.... Call Ben and manage to squeak out that we are ok, but he needs to GET HERE NOW!

I can't describe the feeling when you think your child may be seriously injured. The fear is really palpable, and I could feel this tight squeeze in my chest that would not let go until I was able to free Margot from her seat. I was hurt, I knew. Even with all of the adrenaline, I could feel my neck and shoulder throbbing where they had been whipped into the door. Glass was everywhere. But was my baby hurt?? I didn't care about myself, only her. I held her so tight to my chest and felt her whole body. She looked intact and seemed fine, other than watching her mother act like a total lunatic. We are OK. The car can be replaced. The other driver is alive. The big things that really matter were settled, but I could not get myself together. I felt so bad for Ben, racing to somewhere not knowing what he would find, but knowing it was bad. When he arrived, we sobbed together and held our baby, who was now wondering why Mom and Dad were acting like total lunatics.

Just as things were starting to settle down, enter Friday.

11:30am.... Ben calls Lauren, semi hysterical. Stupid tank of a rental car locked the doors automatically and Margot is now locked in the car, strapped in her car seat.

11:32am.... Ben calls the police. (Refer to title, line one)

11:35am.... Ben calls Lauren, still semi hysterical. Margot is sitting quietly in the car, reading her book and waving at Dad periodically.

11:40am.... Fire department arrives, breaks Margot free. Who is still just kickin' it in her brand new Britax car seat.

Is this week over yet? We can't take much more!


Deb said...

First I was crying, then I was laughing. I am so glad you are all well, but it sounds like you and Ben could use a day of relaxation! Hang in there and thanks for the shout out!

carrie said...

Ohhhhh... that is all so scary! I can't imagine how awful it would be to get in a bad accident with Millie in the car - you must have been absolutely terrified. I'm so sorry you had to go through that but I am SO glad you are all OK. Give each other great big hugs from all of us... we love you!

kalurah said...!
that sounds terrible! believe me, girlfriend, I DO have a feeling what you've gone through, as far as the well-being of your little one.
remember when I was with my sister when I was 7 months pregnant and she went through an uncontrolled intersection and we were hit on my side of the car, which spun us completely around!
talk about panic! I thought for sure I'd be delivering a blind baby with a big crack down it's skull!(the worst I suffered was shoulder/neck pain)
I'm sorry to hear your sore,Lauren but glad everyone is okay!
lot's of love, guys.

kalurah said...

oh, and I hope daddy is doing okay too!
how traumatic for all of this to go on in one week!
jason and kalurah

Trisha said...

I am so glad you guys are all okay ~ that sounds like such a scary situation I could just picture it and could feel tears welling up inside. You guys deserve a terrific week now, with lots of ice cream!

Lauren said...

You guys are so sweet... we love you all so much!

(And I love how the pregnant lady has to work ice-cream into the comments!)

G.A. said...

Ok your week beats mine. I can only imagine the terror between the time of impact and the time you were able to physically check that your baby was ok. Thank God you both escaped with no major injuries. And I locked Ben (alseep in his car seat) in the Xped once. Had to borrow some strangers phone so I could call Buddy to get the combo for the pushpad door lock (which I highly recommend lol.) Hugs to you all and hope this next week is way better!!!

G.A. said...

On a purely selfish note...are you still coming down? As always I can make it all about me..ha!

stacy said...

OMG Lauren. I am so glad you are both alright and that Ben survived the scare of his life! (Sonny had to drive 12 hours before he heard anything about all of us!!!!)

This was a crappy week by the way. Like I said I am thankful you are ok. We love you guys!!

Sonny and Stacy and kids.

kalurah said...

on another selfish note (from me), when are you guys gonna post some new pics of my beautiful niece????
I think I forgot what she looks like!

Lauren said...

Oh, we just had a few pics taken last weekend and they are amazing! I will get them up ASAP! (AkA as soon as Ben has time :)

Elizabeth said...

HOLY CRAP! I am SO glad that you are all ok! Hug each other for me. My brother was in a car accident yesterday also, he is ok (minus a broken eye socket) THANK GOODNESS! It sure is a reminder of how precious life and family are. Love you all!!!