Thursday, June 28, 2007

They say it's your Birthday....

Dear Margot,

Today you are two years old! Unbelievable! You are now officially old enough to tell people your age when they ask. I will offer this advice, to do it now and enjoy, because when you get to be Mommy's age it isn't so much fun anymore. (And you can't hold up tiny, perfect sausage fingers covered in lunch to express it, either.)

I was thinking about this last year and how you have changed, but with the exception of longer hair and more sparkle, you are pretty much the same kiddo. You are still sweet, loving and happy, just as the day you were born. We have weathered a few trials this year, including many bumps and bruises (courtesy of the "I CAN DO IT" phase) and we recently had your hearing tested. You won't talk to us much, and being that I can never shut up, I have automatically assumed that *something* is wrong. I guess you can say the important things in life, like MINE! and HI!, but I am still waiting for "Mommy, what ever shall we do this morning whilst Daddy is away?"

My favorite word that you say is kitty. I make you say it at least ten times a day, and every time I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. The other day when I got home from work, you ran to me and said "Hi Mama!" and gave me a completely unsolicited "I love you". This pretty much made every bad thing from the last month drain away, and I hugged you so tight I felt your little body squish. If I had to guess, I would think these sorts of feelings can bring about world peace.

We are doing a lot of exploring lately, and you are always up for the challenge. You are learning at an incredible rate, and have turned out to be a very busy kid. You are very helpful around the house, helping us fold laundry and "scrub" the floors with baby wipes. You have mastered utensils, and are well on your way to using a regular cup to drink from. We enjoy having you sit at the table with us for meals. And we enjoy getting back the precious space the high chair has been eating for the last 18 months.

Your party will be this weekend, with all of your family who loves you so dearly. Your father and I are so proud of you that we can barely contain ourselves most days. You can still make the both of us laugh, cry, and scream more than we ever thought possible. Even though your soft cheeks and wispy hair are no longer that of a baby, I can still feel you snuggled in my arms as you were your very first day on earth every time I see them.

I love you and I am so blessed to be your Mama.

Happy Birthday, my dear!


Sara and Jonas said...

Happy Birthday Margot!!!! We CANNOT believe that you are two already. It's crazy how time flies by! Hope you get lots of fun presents:)

Trisha said...

That was so sweet! I can't wait to enjoy those moments ~ you make it sound like so much fun!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Precious Margot!

kalurah said...

I have sent up a big box of some of Zoe's cutest little outfits, that she's outgrown.(with Gramma H)
perfect for the big 2 year old grown up Mags!
sorry we can't be there with you guys, but we ARE thinking of you and we love you guys.
have a fun weekend!

carrie said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!

stacy said...

You know what you will have that memory of holding as a perfect baby for ever.

Happy Birthday Margot! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! We love you.

G.A. said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

Mama C-ta said...

This is great and terribly sweet. This is such a fun age. But I'm jealous, Cricket still doesn't know how old he is!