Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Learning the Hard Way

Any advice for crazy toddlers who like to run full steam ahead at the screen doors?

Margot has now ran through the screen door on the back porch twice, both times flying head first out the door and landing on top of the screen.

I can remember when my friend Genevieve had a party and a friend's dog ran through their screen door head first, breaking the door and me snickering about how funny it was to watch.

Um, yeah, not so funny when it is your door.

(No, she wasn't hurt either time. However, Ben and I were severely disappointed that we did not have a video camera poised, because that would be a winner on the Funniest Videos, people)


stacy said...

Do you remember all the times we ran through grandmas and grandpas? Heck I remember laughing at my kids for doing the same thing lol

Grandma made me stop cleaning the door because Cecily would run into it all the time if it was clean. Her theory was leave the little handprints and maybe she will see the door is shut.

G.A. said...

Channeling Nelson from the Simpsons...Ha HA!