Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christmas Report (3 weeks late)

The Jarrell family spent Christmas in Athena with family, friends, and a very hyper child. Between the cookies Grandpa was passing out and the naps that she refused to take, we often had a very tired, semi-cranky baby on our hands. However, even with the trials and tribulations of travel, we had a very blessed Christmas and Margot scored a ton of loot.

Exhibit 1, courtesy of Grandpa and Grandma Hudson:
I love it!

Exhibit 2, lovingly crocheted by Aunt Kalurah:
I'm too cute for you

And finally, the bouncy zebra rider doled out by Grandma and Auntie Em:
I've just gotta make one quick call

In case you are wondering, yes, she is wearing a bathrobe in that picture. And yes, she has learned to talk on the phone while *driving* or riding her toys. And no, we have not heard her cuss out any other farm animals who may or may not cut her off during rush hour traffic when she is trying to get home from work without participating in a five care pile-up. But I digress.

Scary, isn't it?

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