Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Time in the City

We have had a busy month here, getting ready for our trip to Athena and trying to see the sights in our neighborhood. These little trips have been a lot of fun, and have provided a few good photo ops. Please check out the new items posted under "more pics" and enjoy a few of our favorites from December 2006.

Two of the cutest kids we know, at the Oregon Zoo:

Margot and Clayton

At the Grotto Festival of Lights:

Mommy and Margot The Grotto

More beauty at the Grotto:

Look at the lambs

Margot's favorite tree:

The big tree

All dressed up, downtown:

Heading to the wedding

And finally, Margot "politely asking" (AKA demanding) a bite of cookie:

I'm going to need that cookie
(I love my face in that one)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Deb said...

Those two children at the zoo are gorgeous!!! Merry Christmas, we love you!