Saturday, November 04, 2006

There's no place like home

Halloween, 2006. I'll get you, my pretty!

Greetings From Oz

And your little dog, too!

And her little dog too!

Unless of course, your magic can gets me first-


We had a lot of fun dressing Margot up as Dorothy for the holiday. She got to trick or treat at Grandma's house and Mama's work, and left a pound of glitter on Aunt Sheila's office floor. We only have a few more years to choose her costume for her, so it was pretty cute. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Margot (as Dorothy) with Mom


Deb said...

What a doll!!!

Anonymous said...

Soooo precious! I love the ruby slippers. :)

Gen said...

I dont think that there has ever been a cuter Dorothy!