Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How do you spell Hiatus?

Ok, bad Mommy. I have not blogged about Margot (or anything, for that matter) since we began our packing/moving adventure three weeks ago. So much has changed in the last three weeks, I am not sure where to start. So I guess I'll break it down to my favorite two catagories: Things that are GOOD, and things that SUCK ASS. Let's begin....

Good things first!

Margot is 13 months old now, and can run around the house. It is a wobbly, freakish, about to crash head first run, but a run none the less. She can also DANCE when music is playing, which is just about the funniest thing I've ever seen.

She can SHH herself. When anyone says SHHH to her, she puts her index finger up to her lips and gets very silent. Will this continue into the toddler/adolescent years? If it does, I think Ben and I have got this parenting thing made.

Margot blows kisses to friends and family. 'Nuff said. Serious 10 on the adorable meter.

We are home owners once again, complete with a lavender nursery and garbage disposal. We love our new home, even with it's quirks. This will begin the segway to my SUCKS ASS category.

We have stairs now. An entire flight, and the only way to get to the bedrooms. Margot loves to go up the stairs, but tries to fall off and kill herself with every trip. Margot climbing up stairs = Lauren or Ben climbing up stairs. Are you getting my drift?

We have no toilet upstairs. The toilet died day two, and so we now have to replace it. I don't think this is a particularly difficult task, but it's a TOILET. Eww.

We live under the main airport fly path, which can be a little loud. It's not like shake the walls loud or anything, but if a 747 is trying to land I have to turn up the volume on whatever I am doing. This usually happens when I am trying to talk on the phone, yell at my husband, etc. Not good. However, Margot likes to point at the planes when they are in the sky, and that is fun.

So, as we get settled, I will post a few new pics of Margot in action. They grow so fast!

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Deb said...

Sweet, Sweet Margot!!!! I LOVE when she waves, blows kisses and smiles for no reason. She is such a doll!!! And to all the other stuff, isn't being a grown up fun? Who knew that someday you would be the one that had to fix things like toilets? I don't think that part was ever included in my fantasies!!! Have a great week, love ya guys!