Monday, July 10, 2006

A rough start

Margot had a hard weekend. We determined that she had a mild case of the chicken-pox, thanks to her vaccine. Less than 15% of babes have this type of reaction, and we did not expect anything. She has been a champ through her previous shots and had no side-effects. So, most of her pox are fading already and her fever broke Saturday afternoon. Hopefully this will be all of her "animal" disease experience for life. (Hear that, Mad Cow? Avian Flu? Hoof and Mouth? I could go on....SHE'S DONE! DON'T MAKE US COME AFTER YOU!)

In other news, Margot fell today and hit her head on the corner of the couch, causing a HUGE purple bump on her forehead. Ben said she cried non-stop for almost an hour, poor thing. She is looking rough. I believe this is the first in a series of many bumps and bruises that are bestowed on all toddlers. I know every kid goes through it, but it is so sad to see her cry.

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