Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bikini Hottie

Margot has started her Daddy/Baby swim class this last week at our local neighborhood pool. Minus the 68 degree weather and her swim diapers, it has been a giant success. (Just a note on those swim diapers.... Unless you are an expert at wrangling squirming sausages out of their casings, you WILL have a tough time getting them on and off. Be prepared.) She loves the water, loves to play and has so much fun every time. I love the fact that my wonderful, flexible job allows me to watch the class on my lunch hour.

Let's Get In!

So, a full 10 on the ridiculous meter, you will notice we bought Margot a tie dye bikini. There is something about that tiny top and big belly that just cracks me up. How can you not love a baby in a bikini?

Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall

Margot is so lucky to have a loving Dad that is so involved in her life. Have fun swimming, Angel Pie!

Feeding the Water Factory

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Casey said...

Loving the bikini!!!