Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day, Ben

My pregnancy wasn't expected.

Ben and I were freewheeling lazy bums back then; often piling in the car for a weekend on a whim, headed for the coast. We spent an embarassing amount of time laying in bed and eating yummykake. We were excited, but completely stunned when I found out I was pregnant. However, throughout the entire pregnancy, Ben never waivered. We had preparations to make, life changes to undertake, and an entirely new focus.

I have never seen a man as proud as Ben when Margot arrived. All of the fear, anticipation, and relief let go with tears of pure emotion. And tears that no one apologized for.

Ben and Margot have a special relationship. They often share secret laughs that I can't duplicate, he can comfort her like no one else. Her face lights up when she sees him in the morning, or when he returns from an outing. Ben roughhouses with her, tosses her in the air and does all kinds of other things that make my heart stop. But she loves it. And I would never ask him to stop.

I've never seen a man adapt so gracefully to new fatherhood and I am so incredibly grateful. I love both of them profoundly; together they create a love so exquisite that sometimes I can't believe it belongs to my family. So thank you, Ben, for taking care of our daughter. I don't think I could do the things you do with so much love, grace, and patience. Margot and I are the luckiest ladies on the planet.
Happy Father's Day, Ben. I am so proud of you.

St. Pat's Day

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