Saturday, June 17, 2006

Baby you can drive my car

Margot's sweet lil' buddy Clayton turned five years old last week, and she had a blast at his birthday party. She mostly enjoyed watching the big kids run around and have fun, but she also became enamored with the push car. Between playing with the bubbles, driving around and eating pizza, she had a great time. We are gearing up for her own birthday celebration in two weeks, where we will let Margot take the cake. Stay tuned for those all important, super cute pictures of baby's first birthday cake. I'm sure Margot will go crazy!

Now, concrete evidence that fun was had by all-

Yes, I'll take this car


Gen said...

She's getting so big...and gorgeous!

sonny and stacy said...

My goodness she is getting so big! Give my little cuz a huge hug. She is just beautiful!!!