Saturday, November 05, 2005

One Step Back

We are very lucky. Our first four months with Margot have been, compared to most stories we've heard, a breeze. She's well tempered, took to breastfeeding well, made the transition to formula seamlessly, enjoys daycare, and through it all, has slept in her own room through the night since she was three weeks old.

We know how lucky we are. We've done some work to steer her in that direction, but we're lucky she's the kind of baby we can easily steer. Now we've seen how easily she steers.

From the last post, you know we had a bad weekend last weekend, and the last few days have been no kinder to us. She's had more tummy trouble and just couldn't seem to make it through the night. We had to hold her all night to make her forget her pain. It was rough, but easier on the ears and the heart than hearing her pained moans all night.

And now we pay the price. We have steered our precious, perfect daughter into expecting to be coddled at night. Last night she didn't appear to have any tummy trouble. She wasn't especially snotty and she only coughed once. But she managed to wake up several times an hour, all night, needing one of us to come in to put her back to sleep.

It could have been a fluke. She may have been uncomfortable in some other way we couldn't figure out. She may have been a little over tired. But everything pointed to her just being used to us being with her all night.

For example, it took her an hour to go to sleep tonight. Normally, it takes less than five minutes. Then she woke up several times after that. It's 10 pm now, and she's been fine for an hour, but who knows? Will she make it through the night, like the good baby we know and love (and have been missing)? Or will she turn into a different we'll have to get to know, but still love more and more every day.

We'll keep you posted.


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