Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Brain Sucker, Pt. 2 (and Halloween)

Margot is now working through her second cold, and this one is not quite as fun as the last one. She's had it a little worse, I think because she's still getting over her last one. This time, she has a weepy eye as well. She seems to be taking in stride for the most part. Sometimes she swallows so much phlegm that her tummy get upset, but that's something too gross to go into any further. Suffice it to say that the last weekend in October was one of our worst as a threesome.
Last night was Halloween, Margot was the star of the town as ladybug. There are pictures in "More pics" on the right, and we'll post more as our friends pictures come in. Margot wished to thank her grandma for making her costume and helping her achieve "Cutest Baby Costume."

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